Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This Bus Strike is Interfering With My Tea Consumption

Well, that new job placement I had that had me waking up at 5:00 am is over, unfortunately, but there may be another coming along to replace it soon.  In the meantime the only tea I have to drink is the tea I already own, since I can't get into town, since there are no busses running at the moment.

Gah, can't they see how this strike is cutting into my tea time?  This is so unfair!

I've only been out for tea a couple of times, mostly between dance classes.  Oh well.

At home I was starting off my mornings with either hot rod or coco-cocoa, but now that the job is done I don't need to make myself wake up quite so urgently.

One fun experiment of Phil's was some black matcha:  Ground up assam tea.  It was pretty good, although apparently it's great with milk.
It's also so full of caffeine that it gave me jitters and had me up until the early morning.

I think that's it for my tea experiences lately.  Not having any way to go anywhere kind of cuts down on new things you can do...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Less tea, less posting, more money.

So, all of my bitching about being totally broke and having no money paid off!  I'm sure it had absolutely nothing to do with working for a few temp agencies and one of them finally calling me to work.  Nope, it was totally all my bitching.

Anyway, working all day and not having as much access to the internets while at work meant not as much updating during the day.  This coupled with the fact that I went from being a nocturnal creature to having to wake up at 5:00 am just to get to work on time meant I was pretty much dead for the past couple of weeks.

In short:  I actually have a good excuse for not updating.  Hopefully now that I've got a normal sleep schedule I'll be able to use my free time to write more instead of just catch up on sleep.

Anyway, here's a quick list of tea-related things that have happened since I last updated:

I got an amazing gift of spicy, spicy tea from Krista.  'Tis awesome.
New job is faaar away from the tea house. :(
New job's lunch room does have a kettle and even a few loose teas and a tea ball.  I tried the earl grey and wasn't super impressed, but the fact that it's there at all is a good sign!
There's a bus strike.  I managed to forget my dance cane at the tea house the day before the strike.  It's in the lost and found, but I haven't been able to actually go there to pick it up. :(\

Also, I drank lots of tea. Lots and lots of tea.  Mostly hot rod just to get started, but sometimes I went with my wonderful coco-cocoa.

Unrelated to tea:  I'm thinking of starting a "Dancey and fitness related shit I do" blog, since I do enough that I could blog about it, I guess.  It'll probably only have a teensy bit to do with tea, since the dance studio I'm at all the time does serve tea from World Tea House.

Finally, I'm going to be moving in a couple of months.  To the other side of the harbour!  This is both exciting and scary.  I'll be moving into my first place, mom is probably moving into her second-last place, and I'm going to have to be all grown-up now.
More importantly though:  I'm going to be closer to the tea house.  I'm going to be within walking distance of the tea house.  THERE WILL BE SO MUCH TEA.

This is really exciting! Hopefully I'll be able to write about all of it now. :3