Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Victory will be mine!

But before I talk about my inevitable victory that is one free cup of tea, I will share the tea I've had for the past little while:

Aug 6
Started off with masala chai (in the McGuyver'd mug that I posted about last time)
Had a cup of Rooibos Vanilla for lunch
I didnt' write it down, but I'm pretty sure I had a re-steep at some point of the chai.  Or not, maybe I'm just remembering wrong.  That happens a lot.

Aug 7
Surprise! Guess who didn't get a lunch break with not notice! Again!  If you guessed me, YOU GUESSED RIGHT.
So I went to get a pot of Ginger Tea after work to get un-cranky before heading home.  It is never a good idea to face my mother while cranky.  No matter how cranky, how pissed off, how totally bitchy you are--even if it's totally justifiable bitchyness-- She will beat you.  She will out cranky-you and she will utterly destroy you.

So yeah, tea was a good idea.  I got a little bit more writing done.  Writing the past few days has been really frustrating; A little while ago I sat down to write and two children's stories popped out of my head.  They're cute little stories, but I have no idea where they came from.  I don't even know any young children that I would write it for.  Weird.
Anyway, since then it's always seemed like a let down when an entire story doesn't magically manifest itself.

On to other more tea-related things:  VICTORY! My adventure card at World Tea House is full, so Imma get me a free cuppa today.  Assuming I get a lunch break that is.

You know what's really, really awesome?  Lunch breaks at the times you're told you'll get them.  Not that I'm still cranky or anything.

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