Monday, January 31, 2011

Tea and Vaginas

Drinking Chocolate Monkey tea from World Tea House, and freaking out.  With crap going on this past week I haven't really had time to go over lines, which isn't so great because I've got my last one on one rehearsal tomorrow, and only one more dress rehearsal before we perform in a local production of The Vagina Monologues.
On one hand, yeah probably not the most productive week for a damn good reason, but the show must go on whether I'm ready for it or not.

And I just burned myself on my tea.  And I need to go out and buy more.  And I really need a shower.  And I'm quickly worrying myself into a bad day...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The importance of a good cup of tea

Gramdma's funeral service was...

well, nobody was really happy to be there, but it was very nice.

The tea, sucked, just like I thought it would, but I needed something to go with some cherry-coconut squares, which were basically half sugar and therefore delicious.  It balanced out.

I remember during the elegy, my uncle said that Grandma knew the importance of a good cup of tea.  From what I've heard, my Grandpa (who died before I was born) was also particular about his tea.  I think I might have liked the lady that my Grandma was.  I didn't really get to know that side of her.

Afterward, we went out for food and a drink.  It was a very fitting thing to do for our family, I think.  I had some tea while I was there too, but it was steeped a little too long, I think.

Goodbye Grandma.  I hope you're happier now.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

And then it hit me

I went to the visitation for my grandma.  Her funeral will be tomorrow afternoon.  It will be my first funeral.

I suppose I had to go to one eventually.  I should be thankful that I've lived this long without going to one.

Anyway, at the visitation there were treats, tea, and coffee.  I avoided the coffee because I think that 99% of coffee smells wonderful, but tastes like liquid ass.  So I had tea.

Half-way through my second cup, which I basically only got because I wanted something to do while sitting around talking to family members, it hit me:

The tea sucked.

I was there, sitting at in an uncomfortable chair, awkwardly smiling at family members and people I didn't even know that kept asking me how I was, (and this time, I know damn well that "good" was not the right answer) surrounded by pictures and memorabilia of my dead grandmother, and the tea didn't even have the decency to taste good.  And it'll probably be the same tea tomorrow.  And I'll probably drink it.  And I'll probably feel bad.  And then I'll probably feel bad that I don't feel worse than I do about the fact that my grandma is dead.

I really don't feel like any more tea tonight.

Settle down tummy!

Having some old Celestial Seasonings tummy mint tea.  Because I really need some mint for my tummy.

Maybe I ate that buttery popcorn a little too quickly.

I'm not the biggest fan of the stuff, and it's old and stale, but it's the only mint I've got right now.  I really need to remember to get more mint tea when I can...

EDIT: bit of a correction to make.  I was sure I had some tummy mint, but it turns out it was just sleepytime tea, which I believe is mint and chamomile.  I decided to go with some Christmas Eve tea from Stash
If I'm going to be drinking really old mint tea, it might as well be festive.

Man, i need to get some fresh mint tea...

A real bitch with a teacup...


No tea? No way!

I almost thought I'd go one whole day without any tea.  It didn't happen.

Mom made a pot of Tetley orange pekoe, and baked some apple crumble.  I was helpless to resist!  She made apple crumble.  Apple Freaking Crumble.

Right now I'm making up a pot of Shanghai Rose tea from The Queen of Cups, which may or may not end well since it's quite old.  Old enough that it still says Queen of Cups, even though I'm pretty sure they closed/renamed themselves quite some time ago.

Digging through the tea bin is going to be an adventure, I think...

Good thing I'm used to cold tea...

I fell asleep shortly after beginning work.  I suppose that’s my fault for staying up so late and getting up so early.
Unfortunately, I still had a pot of tea sitting on the table when I did this. =(
Anyway,  I was getting a little bored, of chai, so I went digging around in my old tea and found some decadence, white chocolate rooibos from The Tea Brewery.  Not sure how long I’ve had that one, but I decided to make a pot.  It’s pretty good, but I can’t really taste much white chocolate anything.  There are a few little white chocolate chips in the tea, but they melt once you add the hot water.  But hey, it tastes good and is a nice change.

Back to work!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Started the morning with another pot of Tali’s Masala Chai from World Tea House. I’m still working on a project that was basically due yesterday.  Didn’t go to bed until about 2:00, got up at 7:00.  I enjoy the work, but every time I look at my progress, I feel like I’m running in a hamster wheel.

I’m also still kind of pissed that I broke one of my teacups.  Not one of my nice ones, but still.  It was part of a set.  Now what am I supposed to do if I have more than two guests over at the same time, hm?
Then again, I suppose that even if none of the cups were broken, I still wouldn’t have enough if I had more than three guests over at once.  Not that I ever have more than two guests over at once.  I’m so popular like that.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I drink to you

My grandmother recently passed away. So recently we haven’t even had a funeral yet.  It’s a little tough for me- I never had a very strong connection to her.  I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to feel right now.  For a while, I wasn’t very fond of her at all, but eventually any bad feelings I felt towards her were replaced by sympathy.  She had Alzheimer’s, so I guess this is sort of a mercy.  We’re not sure what it was that killed her, we think cancer, but whatever it was it was much, much quicker than the Alzheimer’s would have been.  I don’t think she was a very happy person anyway, but I think that she was also unhappy and confused in the end.  I really hope it’s better this way.
I was told that when she passed there were loved ones singing songs, and that it was very peaceful.  For that, I am very glad.
After the funeral we’re going to have some food and a drink.  It’s fitting for her, since I think that’s what she’d want to go do if she were with us and still well.
On my own though, I plan to have my own drink for her.  A cup of tea.
A few Christmases ago, when she was definitely showing signs of Alzheimer’s, but still kind of remembered me, she gave me two very nice tea cups.  They are from two different sets, but I think they’re quite nice.  I’m sure that mom had something to do with her choosing them as a gift, so I should thank her for that too, but I’m also sure that the intention was really there from Grandma to give something nice.  She said they were very valuable.  I’m not really sure if this is true, and I don’t really care.  Even if they were worth thousands, (and I’m sure that they aren’t with a few chips in the gold trim and all) I don’t want to think about my possessions as being valuable because of their monetary worth, rather than sentimental worth.  Actually, I don’t even want too many items with sentimental worth either, but that’s another story.
I think these cups might be the last gift she gave me while she still knew my name.  So I’m going to have some tea.  Maybe a cup of tea with the first ancestor that I actually know about would be a good thing.  I’ll make a cup for her too.

So, Let's Get This Tea Party Started.

Well, I’ve been talking about starting this for a while with friends, so I’m just going to get to it then.
I like tea.  I like tea a lot.  I realize that there are people that are probably crazier about tea than I am.  I don’t care.  This isn’t about them.  This is about me.  Me and my tea.

Today’s Tea:
Started off the morning with a pot of Tali’s Masala Chai from World Tea House.  Right now most of the tea I have is from World Tea House.  I’m looking for more places around town to get more.  I would say that I can’t find any around town, but the truth is that I haven’t actually looked around much lately.  I used to go nuts whenever I saw anything from The Tea Brewery in town, but lately I haven’t felt like hunting them down.

For the afternoon I had a pot of Chocolate Monkey from World Tea House.  I didn’t actually get to finish it all before I had to go speed shopping.  In case you’re wondering what speed shopping is, that’s when your ride to and from wherever you want to go doesn’t have much time and rushes you.  I only had time to buy a bottle of face cream.  But that’s all beside the point.
Right now I’m finishing off a pot of Earl Grey Crème from – see if you can guess.  I’m sure you’ve noticed the pattern by now.  It’s not likely to change until I can manage to get out of the house for more than the amount of time it takes to drive me to the mall, cash a cheque, buy some face cream, and come home again.

Right now there is some work I really should be doing instead of writing about tea, so I’ll get back to that for now.  Let’s see how long I can keep my ADD at bay.  I’m betting probably a half-hour.